Sector Financial Balances

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The ADB COVID-19 Policy Database compiles policy actions undertaken by ADB members and categorizes them according to their differences in operational details and financial statement effects on the private sector. It also includes the Sector Financial Balances (SFB) data that show how different policy actions affect the sectors of the economy–government, domestic private, and the external sector.

This SFBs database provides information on the sectoral financial balances of 35 economies. Quarterly sector financial balances are presented as percentage of GDP in tables and charts. The breakdown of domestic private sector balances is provided, if available.

As shown in Figure 1, in Q4 2019, the majority of the economies had positive domestic private balances and current account surpluses. In Q2 2020, many moved southwest, as shown in Figure 2. This corresponds to higher government deficits, higher domestic private surpluses, and small current account surpluses or even deficits.

Disaggregation of SFB External Account

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This extension of the SFB database provides information on the disaggregation of the external account component of the SFB. It uses balance of payments (BOP) data, for the same time periods presented in the SFB database. The quarterly disaggregation of the Current, Capital, and Financial Accounts, is shown as percentage of GDP in the tables. Figures charting the disaggregation of the Current and Capital Accounts are also presented per economy. Finally, counterpart totals in the SFB database are presented for ease of comparison between BOP and SFB numbers.