Policy Database

This database provides information on the key economic measures that authorities are taking to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Measures are classified according to how they work their way through the financial system, and how they affect the financial positions of different sectors of society. The database also tracks non-economic measures.

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$2.4 trillion

The total amount announced by ADB’s developing members to combat the COVID-19 pandemic as of May 18


49.7% as a share of GDP

Hong Kong, China’s package is the largest among ADB’s developing members, followed by those of Bhutan (16.6%) and Thailand (16.0%)

$4.9 trillion

The US intended package as of May 18, the largest in the world


of ADB developing members’ $2.4 trillion package has been allocated to the normal functioning of money markets


South Asia’s share in the total package of ADB’s developing members, the second largest next to East Asia


Share by Region

% Share of Each Measure




As % of GDP:

Per Capita: