Sum of Measures 1—5 (Total Package)

Total Package in USD Million: 1,643.58
% of GDP (2020): 6.86%
% of Regional Total Package: 36.66%
Package Per Capita in USD: 187.28
Note: Measures 9 and 10 are added to the sum of Measures 1-5.
Measure Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Details Update Source
01 - Liquidity Support info_outline
01A - Short-term lending info_outline
01B - Support policies for short-term lending info_outline

No amount/estimate: The Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) has reduced the Cash Reserve Requirement to 7% from 10% to provide additional liquidity to the commercial banks.

01C - Forex operations info_outline
02 - Credit creation info_outline
02A - Financial sector lending/funding info_outline
02B - Support policies for long-term lending info_outline
02B1 - Interest rate adjustments

No estimate/amount: (i) 30 March 2020, BPNG has reduced the Kina Facility Rate (KFR) – the main policy rate - by 200 basis points to 3% from 5% and has asked the commercial banks to reduce their respective Indicator Lending Rates; (ii) To encourage interbank activity, BPNG has increased the margin on central bank borrowing by 25 basis points to 100 basis points of both sides of KFR.

02B2 - Other policies to support long-term lending
02C - Loan guarantees
03 - Direct long-term lending info_outline PGK600,000,000 USD176,097,676
03A - Long-term lending info_outline PGK600,000,000 USD176,097,676

The government has announced PGK600 million credit line to support businesses and individuals in coordination with the banks and financial institutions.

03B - Forbearance

No amount/estimate: The government is working with the commercial banks to provide a 3-month buffer on loan repayments. To cover for the 3-month loan repayment holiday, BPNG will relax prudential standards relating to asset quality, capital adequacy and loan-loss provisioning.

04 - Equity support info_outline
05 - Health and income support PGK510,000,000 USD149,683,024
05A - Health support PGK10,000,000 USD2,934,961

PGK10 million was released to the National Department of Health.

05B - Income support PGK500,000,000 USD146,748,063
05B1 - Tax and contribution deferrals and policy changes PGK500,000,000 USD146,748,063

No amount/estimate: The government has asked the superannuation funds to allow members who have been laid off from work due to COVID-19 to access their savings. On April 8, Superfunds announced that its members whose employment was terminated by their employer as a result of COVID-19 will be entitled to a one-off payment of 20% of the member’s contribution (PGK500 million support from superannuation savings to employees affected by the economic slowdown).

05B2 - Tax and contribution rates reduction
05B3 - Subsidies to individuals and households
05B4 - Subsidies to businesses
05B5 - Indirect income support
05B6 - No breakdown (income support)
05C - No breakdown (health and income support)
06 - Budget reallocation info_outline
07 - Central bank financing government
07A - Direct lending and reserve drawdown
07B - Secondary purchase: government securities

No amount/estimate: BPNG has announced its intention to repurchase government securities in an open market quantitative easing program to provide liquidity to the holders of the instruments.

08 - International Assistance Received PGK2,651,670,436 USD778,255,000
08A - Swaps info_outline
08B - International loans/grants PGK2,651,670,436 USD778,255,000
08B1 - Asian Development Bank PGK1,049,792,392 USD308,110,000

(i) 8 April 2020, TA 9950-REG: Regional Support to Address the Outbreak of COVID-19 and Potential Outbreaks of Other Communicable Diseases USD0.85 million for Papua New Guinea; (ii) 15 April 2020, USD0.08 million technical assistance under Strengthening Social Protection in the Pacific ; (iii) 24 April 2020, USD0.13 million technical assistance under Developing the Pacific Health Sector (Additional Financing); (iv) 5 June 2020, USD0.14 million technical assistance under Pacific Economic Management (Additional Financing); (v) 24 June 2020, USD0.5 million technical assitance under Support for Water and Sanitation Sector Management (Additional Financing); (vi) June 30, USD0.10 million techinal assistance under Quality Jobs and the Future of Work; (vii) 1 July 2020, USD0.15 million techical assistance under Promoting Digital Finance Solutions for Inclusive Finance among Partner Financial Institutions; (viii) 29 July 2020, USD3 million under COVID-19 Emergency Response; (ix) 10 August 2020, USD2.66 million under Knowledge and Support Technical Assistance for Strengthening Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Practices and Hygiene Behavioral Change in the Pacific; (x) 12 August 2020, USD0.06 million technical assitance under "Support for gender sensitive responses to COVID-19 in the Pacific Developing Member Countries; (xi) 2 December 2020, USD0.03 million technical assistnace under Promoting Transformative Gender Equality Agenda in Asia and the Pacific.; (xii) 8 December 2020, USD250 million COVID-19 Rapid Response Program. ; (xiii) 8 December 2020, USD50 million Health Services Sector Development Program. (xiv) 17 December 2020, USD0.35 million technical assistance under "Supporting MSMEs in the Pacific from the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic".(xv) 22 September 2021, USD0.06 million technical assistance under "Fostering Regional Cooperation and Integration throughKnowledge and Capacity Building of Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program Banks".

08B2 - Other PGK1,601,878,044 USD470,145,000

(i) 10 April 2020, USD20 million World Bank COVID-19 Emergency Response Project, IDA credit; (ii) 17 April 2020, USD1.2 million from USAID to prepare laboratory systems, activate case-finding and event-based surveillance, support technical experts for response and preparedness, risk communication, infection prevention and control, and more; (iv) May 2020, USAID support to date increased to USD3.55 million; (v) 20 May 2020, USD995,593 UN COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund for Integrating WASH, Nutrition, MNH interventions for COVID-19 Response in Western Province, Papua New Guinea; (vi) 9 June 2020, USD363.6 million to help cover balance of payments needs; (vii) 23 December 2020, Paris Club granted suspension of debt service due from 1 January to 30 June 2021.; (viii) 20 May 2021, USD52 million targeted financing from Australia.; (ix) 25 June 2021, USD30 million additional support from World Bank for COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout.

09 - International Assistance Provided
09A - Swaps info_outline
09B - International loans/grants
10 - No breakdown PGK4,490,000,000 USD1,317,797,605

On 2 April 2020, the PNG government announced a PGK5.6 billion economic stimulus package in the parliament. PGK4.49 billion is equal to PGK5.6 billion less PGK600 million credit line (see Measure 3), PGK500 million support from superannuation savings (see Non-Health in Measure 5), and PGK10 million for health (see Health in Measure 5).

11 - Other Economic Measures
12 - Non-Economic Measures
12A - Measures affecting travel and transport (local and international)

(i) The government had started imposing containment measures since early February, including (a) a ban on travelers from Asian countries, (b) reduced international flights, (c) mandatory health declaration forms for incoming travelers and enhanced screening at designated ports of entries; (ii) April 2, the PNG parliament voted to shutdown the country and extended the state of emergency which started on March 24 for further two months.

12B - Measures affecting business and workplace
12C - Others