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Sum of Measures 1—5 (Total Package)

Total Package in USD Million: 78,107.66
% of GDP (2019): 14.27%
% of Regional Total Package: N/A
Package Per Capita in USD: 954.86
Note: Measures 9 and 10 are added to the sum of Measures 1-5.
Measure Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Details Update Source
01 - Liquidity Support info_outline IRR63,000,000,000,000 USD1,500,000,000
01A - Short-term lending info_outline
01B - Support policies for short-term lending info_outline
01C - Forex operations info_outline IRR63,000,000,000,000 USD1,500,000,000

The Central Bank of Iran announced it injected USD1.5 billion in the foreign exchange market to stabilize the rial.

02 - Credit creation info_outline
02A - Financial sector lending/funding info_outline
02B - Support policies for long-term lending info_outline
02C - Loan guarantees
03 - Direct long-term lending info_outline IRR1,011,221,094,840,000 USD24,076,692,734
03A - Long-term lending info_outline IRR1,011,221,094,840,000 USD24,076,692,734

Subsidized loans for affected businesses and vulnerable households at 4.4% of GDP.

03B - Forbearance

No amount/estimate: (i) Central bank agreed with commericial banks to postpone payment of loans due on February 2020 by 3 months; (ii) offered penalty waivers for customers with non-performing loans.

04 - Equity support info_outline
05 - Government support to income/revenue IRR2,206,300,570,560,000 USD52,530,965,966
05A - Health IRR459,645,952,200,000 USD10,943,951,243

Additional funding to health sector at 2% of GDP.

05B - Non-health IRR1,746,654,618,360,000 USD41,587,014,723

(i) Moratorium on tax payments at 7% of GDP; (ii) cash transfer to vulnerable householders at 0.3% of GDP; (iii) support to unemployment insurance fund at 0.3% of GDP.

06 - Budget reallocation info_outline
07 - Central bank financing government
07A - Direct lending & reserve drawdown
07B - Secondary purchase: government securities
08 - International Assistance Received IRR2,100,000,000,000 USD50,000,000
08A - Swaps info_outline
08B - International loans/grants IRR2,100,000,000,000 USD50,000,000
08B1 - Asian Development Bank
08B2 - Other IRR2,100,000,000,000 USD50,000,000

May 31, USD50 million from the World Bank for Iran COVID-19 Emergency Response Project.

09 - International Assistance Provided
09A - Swaps info_outline
09B - International loans/grants
10 - No breakdown

No amount/estimate: Central Bank allocated funds to import medicine.

11 - Other Economic Measures

(i) Sukuk bonds and the National Development Fund used to partly fund recovery and relief measures; (ii) April 15, government announced its biggest-ever initial public offering, selling its residue shares in 18 companies (including 12 percent share of Social Welfare Fund (SHASTA), the largest public company); (iii) expanded contacless payments and increased the limits for bank transactions in order to reduce circulation of banknotes and exchange of debit cards; (iv) May 7, estimated privatization proceeds are at around IRR165 trillion (0.6% of GDP) from banks and insurance companies and IRR70 trillion (0.2% of GDP) from SHASTA.

12 - Non-Economic Measures

(i) Stopped flights from China, closed schools and malls, key religious sites, banned cultural and religious gatherings, released a high number of prisoners; (ii) March 25, partial lockdown announced, closing of businesses and government offices for two weeks; (iii) Staggered reopening of businesses that are low or average risk in terms spreading the virus; (iv) April 27, reopened all international borders (except Turkmenistan) to revive regional trade.