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The Local
10 Nov 2021
The Conversation
02 Nov 2021
  Global;   Canada;   Denmark;   Ireland;   Netherlands;   United States;   United Kingdom
USA Today
07 Sep 2021
  Denmark;   European Union;   Spain;   United States
25 Jul 2021
  European Union;   Denmark;   France;   Italy;   Spain;   United Kingdom
Schengen Visa Info
25 Jul 2021
  Belgium;   Denmark;   France
13 Jun 2021
  Austria;   Canada;   Denmark;   France;   Germany;   Ireland;   Italy;   Japan;   Luxembourg;   Netherlands;   Norway;   Portugal;   Spain;   Switzerland
Japan News
13 Jun 2021
  Canada;   France;   Germany;   Italy;   Japan;   United Kingdom;   United States
European Commission
01 Jun 2021
  European Union;   Denmark;   Germany