Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Saudi Arabia 02 - Credit creation 19,200,000,000 5,120,000,000
Saudi Arabia 02A - Financial sector lending/funding 13,200,000,000 3,520,000,000 KPMG.

SAR13.2 billion in loans to SMEs provided through banks.

Saudi Arabia 02B - Support policies for long-term lending OECD.

No amount/estimate: March 16, Reduction of the repo rate by 75bps from 1.75% to 1% and the reverse repo rate by 75bps from 1.25% to 0.5%.

Saudi Arabia 02C - Loan guarantees 6,000,000,000 1,600,000,000 KPMG.

SAR6 billion loan guarantee program.

Saudi Arabia 03 - Direct long-term lending 30,000,000,000 8,000,000,000
Saudi Arabia 03A - Long-term lending
Saudi Arabia 03B - Forbearance 30,000,000,000 8,000,000,000 IMF. (accessed 14 May 2020)

(i) March 29, Encouraging banks to restructure loans without any charges; (ii) SAR30 billion for banks and financing companies to delay the payment of the dues of the financial sector (banks and finance companies) from SMEs for a period of six months as of its date; (iii) No amount/estimate: May 14, Banks have been instructed to delay payments of loans extended to all Saudi employees by three months without extra fees, to provide financing needed by customers who lose their jobs and to exempt customers from various banking fees. [update]

Saudi Arabia 04 - Equity support
Saudi Arabia 05 - Government support to income/revenue 57,165,000,000 15,244,000,000
Saudi Arabia 05A - Health 47,265,000,000 12,604,000,000 IMF. (accessed 14 May 2020).

(i) Total of SAR47 billion in resource support to the health sector; (ii) April 26, The government signed a SAR265 million contract to import 9 million tests needed for COVID-19 diagnosis.

Saudi Arabia 05B - Non-health 9,900,000,000 2,640,000,000 IMF. (accessed 14 May 2020).

(i) April 3, SAR9 billion to to cover 60% of the salaries of Saudi staff in companies under stress for the next three months; (ii) SAR0.9 billion in temporary electricity subsidies to commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors; (iii) No amount/estimate: Expat fees cancelled for three months; (iv) No amount/estimate: Payment deferral for VAT, excise tax, income tax, government service fees and municipal fees; (v) No amount/estimate: Exemptions from various fees for electronic transactions, balances below the minimum, and refinancing operations and termination of existing agreements; (vi) No amount/estimate: May 14, 30% discount on electricity bills while offering the possibility of payment deferral. [update]

Saudi Arabia 06 - Budget reallocation 50,000,000,000 13,333,333,333 IMF. (accessed 6 May 2020).

SAR50 billion worth of government spending to be reallocated from non-priority areas of the 2020 budget.

Saudi Arabia 07 - Central bank financing government
Saudi Arabia 07A - Direct lending & reserve drawdown
Saudi Arabia 07B - Secondary purchase: government securities
Saudi Arabia 08 - International Assistance Received
Saudi Arabia 08A - Swaps
Saudi Arabia 08B - International loans/grants
Saudi Arabia 08B1 - Asian Development Bank
Saudi Arabia 08B2 - Other
Saudi Arabia 09 - International Assistance Provided
Saudi Arabia 09A - Swaps
Saudi Arabia 09B - International loans/grants
Saudi Arabia 10 - No breakdown 70,000,000,000 18,666,666,667 IMF. (accessed 6 May 2020).

(i) March 20, SAR70 billion private sector support package, including the suspension of government tax payments, fees, and other dues to provide liquidity to the private sector and an increase in available financing through the National Development Fund.

Saudi Arabia 11 - Other Economic Measures Saudi Arabian government. (accessed 6 May 2020). (accessed 14 May 2020). (accessed 14 May 2020). (accessed 14 May 2020)

(i) No amount/estimate: April 25, Increase of the monthly ceiling limit for e-wallets up to SAR20,000, with the goal of boosting digital payment transactions; May 11: (ii) Decided to stop the cost of living allowance starting from June 2020 [update]; (iii) Raised the value-added tax rate from 5% to 15% starting July 1. [update]; (iv) May 13, Announced the extension of the program of support for fees of sales points and e-commerce for all stores and private sector establishments for an additional three months ending on September 14, 2020. [update]

Saudi Arabia 12 - Non-Economic Measures IMF. (accessed 6 May 2020).

(i) April 6, Nighttime curfew in various cities including Mecca and Madina; (ii) Restrictions on international and domestic travel; (iii) Closing mosques, schools, universities, and shopping malls; (iv) Suspending employee attendance at government and private workplaces; (v) Increasing mass testing; (vi) The Ministry of Hajj called on countries to delay their bookings for the 2020 Hajj season; (vii) April 22, Launch of a repatriation program for expatriates; (viii) April 26, partial lifting of the curfew in all regions, except in Mecca and previously isolated neighborhoods.

Singapore 01 - Liquidity Support 4,000,000,000 2,823,861,631
Singapore 01A - Short-term lending 4,000,000,000 2,823,861,631 MAS. (accessed 18 April 2020).

(i) No amount/estimate: Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is providing sufficient liquidity to Singapore dollar (SGD) and United States dollar (USD) funding markets in Singapore and supporting their effective functioning.  This will enable financial institutions to fund themselves, intermediate credit to individuals and businesses, and provide essential financial services. MAS has been providing ample SGD liquidity to the banking system through its daily money market operations (MMO). (ii) March 27, SGD4 billion bridge loan facility to Singapore Airlines (SIA) from DBS (see Measure 4).

Singapore 01B - Support policies for short-term lending
Singapore 01C - Forex operations MAS. (accessed 18 April 2020).

No amount/estimate: MAS has also significantly stepped up its provision of USD liquidity to the banking system, increasing the volume of foreign exchange swaps transacted at its daily MMO as of March 31 by about 25% over the past 2 weeks.