Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Uzbekistan 01 01 - Liquidity Support UZS
Uzbekistan 01A 01A - Short-term lending UZS
Uzbekistan 01B 01B - Support policies for short-term lending UZS
Uzbekistan 01C 01C - Forex operations UZS
Uzbekistan 02 02 - Credit creation UZS
Uzbekistan 02A 02A - Financial sector lending/funding UZS
Uzbekistan 02B 02B - Support policies for long-term lending UZS
Uzbekistan 02B1 02B1 - Interest rate adjustments UZS Central Bank of Uzbekistan. (accessed 17 September 2020).

No amount/estimate: 14 April 2020, Uzbekistan’s central bank cut policy rates by 100bps, from 16% to 15%. On September 8, this was further reduced to 14%, where it has since remained unchanged.

Uzbekistan 02B2 02B2 - Other policies to support long-term lending UZS
Uzbekistan 02C 02C - Loan guarantees UZS
Uzbekistan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending UZS
Uzbekistan 03A 03A - Long-term lending UZS UNESCAP. (accessed 6 December 2020)

17 June 2020, USD100 million in long-term loans to the service sector to create more jobs and hasten economic recovery.

Uzbekistan 03B 03B - Forbearance UZS IMF. (accessed 8 May 2020).

No amount/estimate: (i) The Central Bank is granting a grace period and extending debt repayment periods until 1 October 2020 for adversely affected borrowers, with no penalties; (ii) State-owned banks are extending maturities of loan repayments for the affected sectors, including for the national air carrier.

Uzbekistan 04 04 - Equity support UZS
Uzbekistan 05 05 - Health and income support UZS 9,554,220,000,000 1,000,000,000 IMF. (accessed 17 September 2020).

Uzbekistan’s government created an Anti-Crisis Fund of USD1 billion to support the economy and help those most affected by the crisis. In addition to the Anti-Crisis Fund, the government temporarily reduced some taxes and the Fund for Reconstruction and Development increased lending.

Uzbekistan 05A 05A - Health support UZS 9,247,220,000,000 967,867,602 IMF. (accessed 8 May 2020).

No amount/estimate: Expand funding for healthcare, including for (i) medicines, (ii) the costs of quarantines, and (iii) salary supplement for medical employees.

Uzbekistan 05B 05B - Income support UZS 307,000,000,000 32,132,398
Uzbekistan 05B1 05B1 - Tax and contribution deferrals and policy changes UZS IMF. (accessed 12 June 2020).

(i) No amount/estimate: Extending the moratorium on tax audits; (ii) No amount/estimate: Delaying tax declarations for 2019 income taxes (until August); (iii) No amount/estimate: The central government also asked local governments to provide a 6-month grace period on paying property tax; (iv) Postponing surcharges on tourism, property tax, and land tax.

Uzbekistan 05B2 05B2 - Tax and contribution rates reduction UZS IMF. (accessed 12 June 2020).

(i) No amount/estimate: The central government also asked local governments to reduce taxes by 30%; (ii) No amount/estimate: 20 May 2020, Self-employed citizens were exempted from income tax; (iii) No amount/estimate: 20 July 2020, Tax exemption for restaurants as well as individuals/businesses deriving rent income. (iv) No amount/estimate: Items (i) and (ii) were extended until 31 December 2020; (v) No amount/estimate: From 1 May 2020 to 1 July 2020, The social tax rate for MSMEs was reduced from 12% to 1%; (v) No amount/estimate: Temporary reduction of social contributions for individual entrepreneurs.

Uzbekistan 05B3 05B3 - Subsidies to individuals and households UZS 307,000,000,000 32,132,398 IMF. (accessed 12 June 2020).

(i) No amount/estimate: Increase the number of low-income families receiving social benefits; (ii) As of 10 June 2020, under the “Generosity and Support” Fund, over 540,000 families have received assistance amounting to UZS307 billion.

Uzbekistan 05B4 05B4 - Subsidies to businesses UZS IMF. (accessed 12 June 2020).

No amount/estimate: Provide assistance to affected businesses via interest subsidies.

Uzbekistan 05B5 05B5 - Indirect income support UZS IMF. (accessed 12 June 2020).

No amount/estimate: Finance public works in different regions to improve infrastructure and support employment.

Uzbekistan 05B6 05B6 - No breakdown (income support) UZS
Uzbekistan 05C 05C - No breakdown (health and income support) UZS
Uzbekistan 06 06 - Budget reallocation UZS
Uzbekistan 07 07 - Central bank financing government UZS
Uzbekistan 07A 07A - Direct lending and reserve drawdown UZS
Uzbekistan 07B 07B - Secondary purchase: government securities UZS
Uzbekistan 08 08 - International Assistance Received UZS 13,811,312,913,840 1,445,572,000
Uzbekistan 08A 08A - Swaps UZS
Uzbekistan 08B 08B - International loans/grants UZS 13,811,312,913,840 1,445,572,000
Uzbekistan 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank UZS 7,200,155,734,200 753,610,000 ADB Table A1.2: Sovereign Lending and Asian Development Fund Grant Operations, Table A1.3: Nonsovereign Operations, Table A1.4: Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund and Technical Assistance, Table A1.5: Country Support under TA 9550-REG. (all accessed 5 February 2021)

(i) Primary Health Care Improvement Project - USD19.5 million; (ii) Nonsovereign Operations: Trade Finance Program (Additional Financing) - USD127.02 million (with an additional USD52.23 million co-financed); (iii) Country Support under TA 9950-REG: Regional Support to Address the Outbreak of COVID-19 and Potential Outbreaks of Other Communicable Diseases - USD1.87 million [update]; (iv) 3 June 2020, Developing a Disaster Risk Transfer Facility in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Region (Additional Financing) - USD0.07million; (v) 25 June 2020, COVID-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support - USD500 million; (vi) 1 July 2020, Promoting Digital Finance Solutions for Inclusive Finance among Partner Financial Institutions - USD0.15 million; (vii) 13 July 2020, Addressing Health Threats in the Central, West, and East Asia Region - USD0.38 million; (viii) 30 July 2020, COVID-19 Response and Healthcare Improvement Project - USD100 million; (ix) 24 July 2020, Due Diligence and Capacity Development of Trade Finance Program Banks - USD0.06 million; (x) 4 August 2020, Assessment of Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 and Institutional Strengthening for Policy Responses - USD0.65 million; (xi) 14 August 2020, Economic Management Improvement Program (Subprogram 1 Additional Financing) - USD0.3 million; (xii) 14 September 2020, COVID-19 Emergency Response - USD3 million; (xiii) 6 October 2020, Capacity Development for the Supply Chain Finance Program - USD0.26 million; (xiv) 5 November 2020, Creating Investable Cities in Post-COVID-19 Asia-Pacific: Enhancing Competitiveness and Resilience through Quality Infrastructure - USD0.11 million; (xv) 18 November 2020, Supporting Startup Ecosystem in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Region to Mitigate Impact of COVID-19 and Support Economic Revival - USD 0.05 million; (xvi) 26 November 2020, Addressing Health Threats in the Central, West, and East Asia Region (Additional Financing) - USD0.04 million; (xvii) 9 December 2020, Economic Management Improvement Facility - USD0.15 million.

Uzbekistan 08B2 08B2 - Other UZS 6,611,157,179,640 691,962,000 World Bank. (accessed 1 May 2020); World Bank. (accessed 8 May 2020). IMF. (accessed 22 May 2020). Islamic Development Bank. (accessed 29 May 2020). USAID. (accessed 31 July 2020)

(i) World Bank: 24 April 2020, USD95 million financing package to strengthen the capacity of the national health system in areas like disease surveillance, testing, equipment, and facilities for the treatment of critically ill patients, including ventilators and Intensive Care Units (about USD38 million) and help the Government extend the program of low-income family allowances and provide one-off unemployment benefits (USD57 million); (ii) 30 April 2020, USD200 million in additional development policy financing to support Uzbekistan’s ongoing health, social, and economic policy responses to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; (iii) 18 May 2020, USD375 million under the IMF's Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) and Rapid Credit Facility (RCF); (iv) 26 May 2020, USD3.9 million from USAID to prepare laboratory systems, activate case-finding and event-based surveillance, support technical experts for response and preparedness, bolster risk-communications, and more; (v) 26 May 2020, USD17.16 million from the Islamic Development Bank to finance purchasing of medical supply and equipment for the specialized medical facility of 10,000 beds for treatment of the COVID-19 infected patients in Tashkent; (vi) 28 July 2020, USD902,000 worth of medical and laboratory equipment from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health.

Uzbekistan 09 09 - International Assistance Provided UZS
Uzbekistan 09A 09A - Swaps UZS
Uzbekistan 09B 09B - International loans/grants UZS
Uzbekistan 10 10 - No breakdown UZS
Uzbekistan 11 11 - Other Economic Measures UZS UNESCAP. (accessed 6 December 2020)

(i) No amount/estimate: Export ban on masks and medical suits; (ii) Reduction of import duties on some consumer products such as flour, poultry, dairy, sugar, vegetable oils, and hygiene products.

Uzbekistan 12 12 - Non-Economic Measures UZS
Uzbekistan 12A 12A - Measures affecting travel and transport (local and international) UZS UNESCAP. (accessed 6 December 2020)

(i) 15 March 2020, Under the state of emergency, all travel was restricted, with all borders closed except for trade. Domestic tourism officially resumed on 1 June 2020. On 15 June 2020, Uzbekistan also restarts international flights to the countries with improved epidemiological situations. As of 1 October 2020, all incoming and outgoing international transportation is now allowed, although certain countries still have to provide medical documents and/or negative test results.

Uzbekistan 12B 12B - Measures affecting business and workplace UZS UNESCAP. (accessed 6 December 2020)

(i) 15 March 2020, As part of the state of emergency, schools, universities, and businesses were closed. Public events were prohibited; (ii) 1 July 2020, A partial reopening that had been underway was stopped, and restrictions reinstated, as the number of new cases accelerated.

Uzbekistan 12C 12C - Others UZS UNESCAP. (accessed 6 December 2020)

(i) 15 March 2020, The government declared a state of emergency when the first positive case was reported; (ii) No amount/estimate: 21 June 2020, Foreign tourists who contract COVID-19 in Uzbekistan will receive USD3,000.