Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Niue 01 01 - Liquidity Support NZD
Niue 01A 01A - Short-term lending NZD
Niue 01B 01B - Support policies for short-term lending NZD
Niue 01C 01C - Forex operations NZD
Niue 02 02 - Credit creation NZD
Niue 02A 02A - Financial sector lending/funding NZD
Niue 02B 02B - Support policies for long-term lending NZD
Niue 02B1 02B1 - Interest rate adjustments NZD
Niue 02B2 02B2 - Other policies to support long-term lending NZD
Niue 02C 02C - Loan guarantees NZD
Niue 03 03 - Direct long-term lending NZD
Niue 03A 03A - Long-term lending NZD
Niue 03B 03B - Forbearance NZD
Niue 04 04 - Equity support NZD
Niue 05 05 - Health and income support NZD
Niue 05A 05A - Health support NZD
Niue 05B 05B - Income support NZD
Niue 05B1 05B1 - Tax and contribution deferrals and policy changes NZD
Niue 05B2 05B2 - Tax and contribution rates reduction NZD
Niue 05B3 05B3 - Subsidies to individuals and households NZD
Niue 05B4 05B4 - Subsidies to businesses NZD
Niue 05B5 05B5 - Indirect income support NZD
Niue 05B6 05B6 - No breakdown (income support) NZD
Niue 05C 05C - No breakdown (health and income support) NZD
Niue 06 06 - Budget reallocation NZD
Niue 07 07 - Central bank financing government NZD
Niue 07A 07A - Direct lending and reserve drawdown NZD
Niue 07B 07B - Secondary purchase: government securities NZD
Niue 08 08 - International Assistance Received NZD 2,116,352 1,280,000
Niue 08A 08A - Swaps NZD
Niue 08B 08B - International loans/grants NZD 2,116,352 1,280,000
Niue 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank NZD 2,116,352 1,280,000 ADB

(i) April 2020, Country Support under TA 9950-REG: Regional Support to Address the Outbreak of COVID-19 and Potential Outbreaks of Other Communicable Diseases (USD0.09 million); (ii) 15 April 2020, Strengthening Social Protection in the Pacific (USD0.03 million); (iii) 24 April 2020, Developing the Pacific Health Sector (Additional Financing) (USD0.11 million); (iv) 5 June 2020, Pacific Economic Management, Phase 3 (Additional Financing) (USD0.17 million); (v) 24 June 2020, Supporting Public Sector Management Reforms (USD0.03 million); (vi) July 24, Strengthening Social Protection in the Pacific (Additional financing) (USD0.05 million); (vii) 10 August 2020, Knowledge and Support Technical Assistance for Strengthening Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Practices and Hygiene Behavioral Change in the Pacific (USD0.05 million); (viii) 12 August 2020, Support for gender sensitive responses to COVID-19 in the Pacific Developing Member Countries (USD0.05 million); (ix) 2 October 2020, COVID-19 Emergency Response (USD0.50 million); (x) 17 December 2020, Supporting Recovery by Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Pacific from the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic (USD0.2 million).

Niue 08B2 08B2 - Other NZD
Niue 09 09 - International Assistance Provided NZD
Niue 09A 09A - Swaps NZD
Niue 09B 09B - International loans/grants NZD
Niue 10 10 - No breakdown NZD
Niue 11 11 - Other Economic Measures NZD
Niue 12 12 - Non-Economic Measures NZD
Niue 12A 12A - Measures affecting travel and transport (local and international) NZD
Niue 12B 12B - Measures affecting business and workplace NZD
Niue 12C 12C - Others NZD