Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Bangladesh 10 10 - No breakdown BDT
Bhutan 10 10 - No breakdown BTN/INR
India 10 10 - No breakdown INR 41,796,986,000 562,420,966 IMF. (accessed 29 October 2020).

In October 2020, the authorities announced a new package of measures, with a current-year budgetary impact of 0.2% of GDP, to support consumption (a budget neutral cash voucher scheme and a special festive advance scheme) and public investment (higher capital expenditure by the central government and interest-free loans to states). More details to follow.

Maldives 10 10 - No breakdown MVR
Nepal 10 10 - No breakdown NPR
Sri Lanka 10 10 - No breakdown LKR CBSL. (accessed 26 June 2020).

27 March 2020, The CBSL has decided to set up a LKR50 billion Re-financing Facility in order to implement the decisions taken by the Cabinet of Ministers on 20 March to introduce a wide range of fiscal and financial concessions for COVID-19 hit business activities including self-employment businesses and individuals. Among these concessions are debt moratorium (capital and interest) and a working capital loan at the interest rate of 4% per annum for eligible customers to be repaid in 2 years (Amount included in Measure 2A).