Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Brunei Darussalam 10 10 - No breakdown BND
Cambodia 10 10 - No breakdown KHR 8,111,545,454,540 2,000,000,000 CNBC interview with the National Bank of Cambodia. (accessed 14 April 2020); RGC. (accessed 11 June 2020).

(i) April 2020, The government has put together a USD2 billion stimulus package for eventual loss of jobs of the factory workers. This measure is an attempt to revive the economy (See Measures 1, 5, and 6); (ii) 26 May 2020, The Ministry of Economy and Finance will prepare additional financing of USD300 million to support and act as a catalyst for promoting growth in key sectors during and after the crisis.

Indonesia 10 10 - No breakdown IDR
Lao PDR 10 10 - No breakdown LAK IMF. (accessed 12 April 2020, 1 May 2020).

No amount/estimate: (i) April 2020, A proposed 13-measure economic stimulus package has been endorsed by the cabinet. Measures include establishing a separate task force to address the economic impact of COVID-19; and (ii) May 2020, A new electricity tariff, to ensure supply of electricity, in effect from 1 May 2020 through 31 December 2025, has been approved. Extra efforts to ensure revenue collections through automated platforms and inspections targeting at stockpiling of essential goods are being considered.

Malaysia 10 10 - No breakdown MYR 41,982,700,000 9,772,964,291 Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. (accessed 19 April 2020); Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. (accessed 9 June 2020); Ministry of Finance. (accessed 26 June 2020); Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. (accessed 21 January 2021).

Measures in the following packages that can not be disaggregated: (i) 27 March 2020 in PRIHATIN; (ii) 5 June 2020 in PENJANA; and (iii) 18 January 2021 in PERMAI.

Myanmar 10 10 - No breakdown MMK
Philippines 10 10 - No breakdown PHP BusinessWorld. (accessed 15 May 2020). BusinessWorld. (accessed 22 May 2020). BusinessWorld. (accessed 5 June 2020). Philstar. (accessed 21 August 2020).

On 22 May 2020, the Finance Department backed the expanded PHP568 billion fiscal stimulus bill (PESA) approved at the House Committee level on 19 May 2020. On 4 June 2020, the PHP1.3 trillion Accelerated Recovery and Investments Stimulus Bill (ARISE) was passed on third and final reading by the House of Representatives in lieu of PESA. On 20 August 2020, a PHP165 billion Bayanihan 2 measure was approved by both Houses of Congress composed of PHP140 billion in additional expenditures plus PHP25 billion in standby appropriations which includes PHP10 billion for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines.

Singapore 10 10 - No breakdown SGD
Thailand 10 10 - No breakdown THB
Timor-Leste 10 10 - No breakdown USD 100,000,000 100,000,000 IMF. (accessed 27 April 2020).

(i) This amount is part of the USD250 million transferred from the Petroleum Fund (See Health of Measure 5); (ii) As part of the package, the authorities revealed its intention to have a credit program, such as reduced interest rates, credit guarantees for importers of essential goods, and emergency loans, to avoid bankruptcies, keep businesses open, and support households resolve their financial difficulties. (b) closing all schools and training facilities and suspending all face-to-face school activities; limiting public administration to essential public services; and (f) extending validity of licenses, authorizations, visas and residence permits, and other administrative acts and documents;

Viet Nam 10 10 - No breakdown VND