Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Australia 10 10 - No breakdown AUD
Austria 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
Belgium 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
Brunei Darussalam 10 10 - No breakdown BND
Cambodia 10 10 - No breakdown KHR 8,111,545,454,540 2,000,000,000 CNBC interview with the National Bank of Cambodia. (accessed 14 April 2020); RGC. (accessed 11 June 2020).

(i) April, The government has put together a USD2 billion stimulus package for eventual loss of jobs of the factory workers. This measure is an attempt to revive the economy (See Measures 1, 5, and 6); (ii) May 26, The Ministry of Economy and Finance will prepare additional financing of USD300 million to support and act as a catalyst for promoting growth in key sectors during and after the crisis.

Canada 10 10 - No breakdown CAD
Denmark 10 10 - No breakdown DKK
Finland 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
France 10 10 - No breakdown EUR 24,368,000,000 26,955,752,212 Economie. (accessed 30 June 2020); Financial Times. (accessed 3 September 2020).

(i) June 6, government announced a strengthened support system for the sectors affected by the COVID-19 crisis including: EUR5.168 billion to support the aeronautic sector; EUR4.5 billion support for the resumption of activities of local authorities; EUR8 billion to support the automotive sector; construction companies subject to corporation tax will be able to request, from 2020, the immediate reimbursement of their stock of receivables to carry back their deficits, as well as receivables that would come to be recognized in 2020 due to the losses linked to this health crisis; EUR6.7 billion to support the tourism industry (ii) September 3, France to unveil an economic stimulus plan worth EUR100 billion or 4 per cent of gross domestic product over two years. It is, French officials say, the biggest stimulus programme of any big European country measured against national output, separate from the emergency support measures this spring which included vast loan guarantees [update}.

Germany 10 10 - No breakdown EUR Federal Ministry of Finance. (accessedd 22 May 2020).

EUR67 billion, Proposed a Solidarity Pact for cities and municipalities suffering from significant reduced income due to the coronavirus. The solidarity pact has two elements: old debt relief and emergency aid to compensate for trade tax losses. The old debt relief would involve a one-off haircut worth a total of EUR45 billion. The emergency aid would entail the federal government and the states each assuming half the tax burden of the municipalities, and losses are currently estimated at EUR12 billion. The amount will be added to the package once approved.

Indonesia 10 10 - No breakdown IDR
Ireland 10 10 - No breakdown EUR IMF. (accessed 9 May 2020).

No amount/estimate: A three month commercial rates waiver for impacted businesses.

Italy 10 10 - No breakdown EUR 50,000,000,000 55,309,734,513 MEF. (accessed 16 July 2020); MEF. (accessed 21 July 2020).

No amount/estimate: July 9, The government announced the third phase of the Italian recovery plan, known as the "National Reform Program" (PNR). It outlines the Italian government's approach to stimulating economic growth, innovation, and environmental and social sustainability post-COVID-19. The PNR covers the years 2021-2023 ; May 15, EUR50 billion worth of measures (with no details) which is part of the Relaunch Decree. At the heart of the decree are the measures to support families and businesses, which not only reinforce and extend many of the Cura Italia measures, starting with the strong commitment to the health system, but also introduce new and important measures to get Italy back on its feet, keeping together economic recovery, social cohesion and security.

Japan 10 10 - No breakdown JPY
Lao PDR 10 10 - No breakdown LAK IMF. (accessed 12 April 2020, 1 May 2020).

No amount/estimate: (i) April, A proposed 13-measure economic stimulus package has been endorsed by the cabinet. Measures include establishing a separate task force to address the economic impact of COVID-19; and (ii) May, A new electricity tariff, to ensure supply of electricity, in effect from May 1, 2020 through December 31, 2025, has been approved. Extra efforts to ensure revenue collections through automated platforms and inspections targeting at stockpiling of essential goods are being considered.

Luxembourg 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
Malaysia 10 10 - No breakdown MYR 38,047,700,000 8,856,953,303 Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. (accessed 19 April 2020); Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. (accessed 9 June 2020); Ministry of Finance. (accessed 26 June 2020).

(i) March 27, Part of PRIHATIN, amounting to MYR250 billion, will provide immediate assistance to ease the burden of all segments of the rakyat and ensures that no one is left behind. The stimulus package outlines three objectives: (a) protecting rakyat, (b) supporting businesses, and (c) strengthening economy; (ii) June 5, Part of Short-term National Economic Recovery Plan, also referred to as PENJANA, worth MYR35 billion to empower the people, propel businesses and stimulate the economy.

Myanmar 10 10 - No breakdown MMK
Netherlands 10 10 - No breakdown EUR 13,000,000,000 14,380,530,973 Rijksoverheid. (accessed 22 May 2020)

May 20, EUR13 billion for a new emergency package, which has five major components: (a) Companies will receive a tax-free allowance from the Ministry of Economic Affairs so that they can pay for their fixed costs, (b) Adjusted labor compensation ("NOW") program that does not reduce compensation for commercial dismissals, (c) Bridging ("TOZO") program that now applies to entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, (d) Prolonged tax relief, and (e) Lending and guarantees ("BMKB", "GO", "KKC", "COL") for entrepreneurs.

New Zealand 10 10 - No breakdown NZD IMF. (accessed 24 July 2020); RBNZ. (accessed on 12 May 2020); RBNZ. (accessed 08 May 2020); RBNZ. (accessed 14 May 2020); RBNZ. (accessed 13 August 2020).

April, The RBNZ has been implementing a Large-Scale Asset Program (LSAP) to purchase government bonds in the secondary market up to NZD30 billion across a range of maturities. April 7, The RBNZ announced that it has added NZD3 billion (equivalent to 30% on issue) of Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) debt to the LSAP, taking the total size of the LSAP to NZD33 billion over 12 months. On May 13, The Monetary Policy Committee has agreed to significantly expand the LSAP programme to NZD60 billion, up from the previous NZD33 billion limit. On August 12, LSAP programme was expanded to NZD100 billion (See Measures 2A and 7B).

Norway 10 10 - No breakdown NOK
Philippines 10 10 - No breakdown PHP 145,000,000,000 2,848,521,519 BusinessWorld. (accessed 15 May 2020). DOF. 21 May 2020). BusinessWorld. (accessed 22 May 2020). BusinessWorld. (accessed 5 June 2020). The Philippine Star. (accessed 21 August 2020).

(i) May 14, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez announced an additional PHP130-160 billion fiscal stimulus package under the first of 3 parts of the Bayanihan II recovery plan. PHP50 billion will be used as additional capital for state-owned banks Land Bank of the Philippines and Development Bank of the Philippines and another P20 billion for loans of the Philippine Guarantee Corp. As of May 22, the Finance Department backed the expanded PHP568 billion fiscal stimulus bill (PESA) approved at the House Committee level on May 19. On June 4, the PHP1.3 trillion Accelerated Recovery and Investments Stimulus Bill (ARISE) was passed on third and final reading by the House of Representatives in lieu of PESA. On August 20, a PHP165 billion measure was approved by both Houses of Congress composed of PHP140 billion in additional expenditures plus PHP25 billion in standby appropriations which includes PHP10 billion for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines. (ii) May 19, Sec. Dominguez stated that an estimated PHP42 billion pesos will be released from the reduction in corporate income tax rate from 30% to 25% in the second half of 2020 as part of the corporate tax and incentives reform bill under the second part of the recovery plan.

Portugal 10 10 - No breakdown EUR 2,100,000,000 2,323,008,850 OECD. (accessed 9 May 2020).

As of April 20, a EUR13 billion liquidity scheme, approved by European Commission, is available to provide direct grants and public guarantee loans to companies. Key measures include: (a) EUR1 billion a month financial support (see Non-health in Measure 5); (b) EUR3.7 billion of state-guaranteed credit lines (see Loan guarantees in Measure 2); (c) EUR6.2 billion of (within-year) tax and social security contribution deferrals for companies and employees. Out of EUR13 billion, allocation for EUR2.1 billion is not clear.

Singapore 10 10 - No breakdown SGD
Spain 10 10 - No breakdown EUR 250,000,000 276,548,673 OECD. (accessed 14 May, 25 June 2020); Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism. (accessed 28 June 2020); La Moncloa. (accessed 1 August 2020).

(i) March 17, Support to the digitalisation of small and medium companies through grants and loans to finance investment in digital equipment or solutions for remote working conditions (programme ACELERA PYME) (EUR250 million); (ii) July 30, An Aeronautical Technology Plan, linked to the Recovery Funds of the European Union, will be managed by the Spanish Innovation Agency (CDTI) endowed with the following budget allocation: 2020-EUR25 million, 2021-EUR40 million, 2022- EUR80 million, 2023- EUR40 million.

Sweden 10 10 - No breakdown SEK
Switzerland 10 10 - No breakdown CHF/CHE/CHW
Thailand 10 10 - No breakdown THB
Timor-Leste 10 10 - No breakdown USD 100,000,000 100,000,000 IMF. (accessed 27 April 2020).

(i) This amount is part of the USD250 million transferred from the Petroleum Fund (See Health of Measure 5); (ii) As part of the package, the authorities revealed its intention to have a credit program, such as reduced interest rates, credit guarantees for importers of essential goods, and emergency loans, to avoid bankruptcies, keep businesses open, and support households resolve their financial difficulties.

Turkey 10 10 - No breakdown TRY 71,000,000,000 11,734,045,772 IMF. (accessed 5 June 2020).

May 20, The government announced that the total support has exceeded TRY252 billion. Including deferred loans and interest payments, the total amount exceeds TRY350 billion.The breakdown of TRY152 billion cannot be ascertained (TRY350 billion less the earlier package of TRY100 billion less TRY98 billion in deferred loans and interest payments less TRY21 billion).

United Kingdom 10 10 - No breakdown GBP 550,000,000 680,956,250 OECD. (accessed 19 April 2020; 15 May 2020; 22 May 2020); GOV.UK. (accessed 24 April 2020). GOV.UK. (24April 2020); GOV.UK. (accessed 4 July 2020); GOV.UK. (accessed 6 August 2020).

April 20, GBP1.25 billion support package to protect firms driving innovation in the UK, of which: (a) Treasury will dedicate GBP750 million to grants and loan support for SMEs to perform research and development, of which GBP500 million is for high-growth firms, called the Future Fund, reported in Measure 3A. June 29, GBP200 million out of GP750 million is for the Sustainable Innovation Fund to help businesses drive forward cutting-edge new technology and recover from the impacts of coronavirus, which is a grant (amount is recorded under Measure 5B); (b) Innovate UK (national innovation agency) will administer GBP200 million of grant and loan payments through its existing list of customers on an opt-in basis; (c) The remaining GBP550 million will increase support for existing customers and firms not yet involved with Innovate UK funding. The first payments will be made by mid-May. On 20 May, GBP40 million was allocated to this package to support the UK’s Fast Start Competition, to fast-track development of innovations.

United States 10 10 - No breakdown USD
Viet Nam 10 10 - No breakdown VND
Australia 10 10 - No breakdown AUD 194,000,000,000 120,629,199,917 IMF. (accessed 05 May 2020); Department of the Treasury, Government of Australia. (accessed 30 April 2020).

April, Three economic stimulus packages, i.e., (i) support to individuals; (ii) support to businesses; and (iii) support to flow of credit are put in place at the Commonwealth level, with total expenditure and revenue measures of AUD194 billion (9.7% of GDP) through FY2023-24, the majority of which to be executed in FY2019-20 and FY2020-21 (See Measure 2: Actions that increase liabilities to the central bank or government and loan guarantees; and Measure 5: Direct support to income/revenue).

Austria 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
Belgium 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
Brunei Darussalam 10 10 - No breakdown BND
Cambodia 10 10 - No breakdown KHR 8,111,545,454,540 2,000,000,000 CNBC interview with the National Bank of Cambodia. (accessed 14 April 2020).

April, The government has put together a USD2 billion stimulus package for eventual loss of jobs of the factory workers. This measure is an attempt to revive the economy (See Measures 1, 5, and 6).

Canada 10 10 - No breakdown CAD
Denmark 10 10 - No breakdown DKK
Finland 10 10 - No breakdown EUR
France 10 10 - No breakdown EUR