Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
United Kingdom 07 07 - Central bank financing government GBP 304,370,000,000 376,841,188,750
United Kingdom 07A 07A - Direct lending and reserve drawdown GBP 4,370,000,000 5,410,506,932 Bank of England. (accessed 13 April 2020).

(i) April 9, HM Treasury and the BoE announced temporary extension to Ways and Means (W&M) facility. As of May 13, drawings under the W&M facility remain at GBP370 million; (ii) April 2020, There was a GBP4.0 billion dividend transfer from the Bank of England Asset Purchase Facility Fund (BEAPFF) to HM Treasury.

United Kingdom 07B 07B - Secondary purchase: government securities GBP 300,000,000,000 371,430,681,818 OECD. (accessed 19 April 2020); Bank of England. (accessed 12 June 2020); Bank of England. (accessed 22 June 2020).

March 19, Increase BoE's holdings of UKG government and corporate bonds by GBP200 billion to a total of GBP645 billion, financed by central bank reserves. June 17, Current gilt purchases stood at GBP596.989 billion [update]. June 18, The Bank of England announced an increase in the stock of purchases of UK government bonds, financed by central bank reserves, by an additional GBP100 billion, to take the total stock of asset purchases to GBP745 billion [update].