Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
New Zealand 07 07 - Central bank financing government NZD 10,000,000,000 6,048,143,220
New Zealand 07A 07A - Direct lending and reserve drawdown NZD 10,000,000,000 6,048,143,220 IMF. (accessed 5 June 2020); RBNZ. (accessed 08 May 2020).

May, The RBNZ has doubled the overdraft on the crown settlement account to NZD10 billion for April–June to meet the government's short-term cash needs.

New Zealand 07B 07B - Secondary purchase: government securities NZD IMF. (accessed 5 June 2020); RBNZ. (accessed on 12 May 2020); RBNZ. (accessed 08 May 2020); RBNZ. (accessed 14 May 2020).

April, The RBNZ has been implementing LSAP to purchase government bonds in the secondary market up to NZD30 billion across a range of maturities. On May 13, The Monetary Policy Committee has agreed to significantly expand the LSAP programme to NZD60 billion (See amount in Measure 10 notes: No breakdown).