Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Arab Republic of Egypt 06 06 - Budget reallocation EGP
Argentina 06 06 - Budget reallocation ARS
Brazil 06 06 - Budget reallocation BRL Reuters (accessed 10 October 2020).,renda-cidada-substituto-do-bolsa-familia-sera-pago-com-precatorios-e-dinheiro-do-fundeb,70003455291 (accessed 11 October 2020)

(i) No amount/estimate: 28 September 2020, Brazil's government proposed a new minimum income program called Renda Cidada to replace Bolsa Familia (the welfare programs of former President da Silva), which draws funds from the latter and from an education fund; the aim is for the program to begin on January 1, 2021; the intent is also to use parts of the budget earmarked for future debt payments; 7 October 2020, multiple potential sources of funds for Renda Cidada are being reported, but the government is said to be preparing to release details the week after local elections. First Renda Cidada payments are scheduled for 15 November 2020.

Islamic Republic of Iran 06 06 - Budget reallocation IRR
Mexico 06 06 - Budget reallocation MXN 207,000,000 9,422,368 SHCP (accessed 10 July 2020)

(i) 3 July 2020, Federal Institute of Telecommunications transferred MXN207 million to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to be reassigned for actions related to addressing the pandemic.

Nigeria 06 06 - Budget reallocation NGN 1,500,000,000,000 4,599,463,396 IMF. (accessed 4 May 2020).

NGN1.5 trillion worth of cuts/delays in non-essential capital spending to free up more funds to combat the pandemic.

Russian Federation 06 06 - Budget reallocation RUB
Saudi Arabia 06 06 - Budget reallocation SAR 50,000,000,000 13,333,333,333 IMF. (accessed 6 May 2020).

SAR50 billion worth of government spending to be reallocated from non-priority areas of the 2020 budget.

South Africa 06 06 - Budget reallocation ZAR