Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Brunei Darussalam 06 06 - Budget reallocation BND
Cambodia 06 06 - Budget reallocation KHR IMF. (accessed 24 July 2020).

No amount/estimate: April 2020, (i) Government spending is to be redirected to (a) combatting the virus; (b) social protection, especially of the poor and unemployed; (c) supporting businesses and jobs; and (d) maintaining security; (ii) Savings on current spending of about USD30 million are also planned; and (iii) Capital spending is to be streamlined by around USD370 million (See Measure 10: No breakdown).

Indonesia 06 06 - Budget reallocation IDR 182,460,000,000,000 12,008,234,142 The Jakarta Post. (accessed 27 April 2020). MOF.;; (accessed 12 May 2020).

(i) The 2020 state budget allocated IDR17.73 trillion worth of state capital injections (PMN) to several state-owned enterprises (SOEs); (ii) Reallocations of IDR62 trillion for state budget, IDR72 trillion for village funds, IDR17.2 trillion for healthcare; (iii) No amount/estimate: 5 May 2020, Postponed the distribution of part of the General Allocation Fund and/or Revenue Sharing Funds to local governments that do not meet the provisions of the 2020 Budget Year Budget; and (iv) 8 May 2020, Further reallocations of IDR4.18 trillion from the Regional Incentive Fund to COVID-19 handling and IDR9.35 from the Special Allocation Fund to health activities.

Lao PDR 06 06 - Budget reallocation LAK
Malaysia 06 06 - Budget reallocation MYR
Myanmar 06 06 - Budget reallocation MMK IMF. (accessed 24 July 2020).

No amount/estimate: May 2020, Up to 10% of FY 2019/20 initial budget expenditure (excluding those implemented by foreign loans and grants) of each ministry will be re-allocated to fight against COVID-19.

Philippines 06 06 - Budget reallocation PHP 266,235,000,000 5,230,180,184 Official Gazette. (accessed 1 June 2020). PDI.; PDI. (accessed 30 June 2020).

As of 24 June 2020, PHP266.235 billion in funding released to agencies involved in the COVID-19 response efforts taken out of the pooled savings from discontinued programs, projects or activities (P/APs) of agencies under the Executive Department.

Singapore 06 06 - Budget reallocation SGD 8,000,000,000 5,647,723,262 SingaporeBudget. (accessed 17 August 2020).

17 August 2020, The government announced the reallocation of SGD8 billion to fund the additional economic support measures under Measure 5B.6.

Thailand 06 06 - Budget reallocation THB
Timor-Leste 06 06 - Budget reallocation USD
Viet Nam 06 06 - Budget reallocation VND SBV. (accessed 11 June 2020).

No amount/estimate: 30 May 2020, 70% reduction in remaining domestic and foreign conferences and missions funding of ministries, central agencies, and localities (with a few exceptions) and 10% savings of other regular recurrent expenditures in 2020.