Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Afghanistan 05 05 - Health and income support AFN 1,900,000,000 24,144,842
Afghanistan 05A 05A - Health support AFN 1,900,000,000 24,144,842 IMF. (accessed 14 April 2020); ADB estimates.

The government has so far allocated AFN1.9 billion (0.1% of GDP) in the budget for emergency health needs, such as (a) establishing testing labs, including at border crossings, (b) setting up special wards to boost hospitalization and care capacity, and (c) procuring the most critical medical supplies.

Afghanistan 05B 05B - Income support AFN
Armenia 05 05 - Health and income support AMD 30,000,000,000 61,348,610
Armenia 05A 05A - Health support AMD
Armenia 05B 05B - Income support AMD 30,000,000,000 61,348,610 Asbarez. (accessed 16 April 2020).

(i) No amount/estimate: Subsidize the interest rates of co-financed loans for companies that borrow money from Armenian banks in the national currency to pay salaries, taxes, bills and purchase raw materials; (ii) a package of AMD30 billion (over USD60 million) for urgent social assistance for the impoverished. See Measure 9: No breakdown.

Australia 05 05 - Health and income support AUD 17,054,600,000 10,604,550,273
Australia 05A 05A - Health support AUD 5,554,600,000 3,453,850,278 IMF. (accessed 11 April 2020).

April, The Commonwealth government has (i) committed to spend almost an extra AUD5 billion (0.3% of GDP) to strengthen the health system and protect the vulnerable people, including those in aged care, from the outbreak of COVID-19; and (ii) introduced temporary measures to ensure the continuity of aged care, amounting to an additional AUD544.6 million.

Australia 05B 05B - Income support AUD 11,500,000,000 7,150,699,995 IMF. (accessed 11 April 2020).

April: (i) AUD194 billion (9.7% of GDP) support on measures including (a) wage subsidies (6.7% of GDP), (b) income support to households, (c) cash flow support to businesses, (d) investment incentives, (e) targeted measures for affected regions and industries, and (f) an advance authorization of AUD40 billion for unforeseen events. (See Measure 9: No breakdown); (ii) State and territory governments announced stimulus packages of a total of AUD11.5 billion (0.6% of GDP) including payroll tax relief for businesses and relief for households, such as (a) discount utility bills, (b) cash payments to vulnerable households, and (c) support for health spending.

Austria 05 05 - Health and income support EUR 29,339,000,000 32,454,646,018
Austria 05A 05A - Health support EUR 339,000,000 375,000,000 OECD. (accessed 15 April 2020).

(i) Additional capacities for mobile and stationary care (EUR100 million); (ii) EUR60 million are granted to the health system; (iii) EUR 130 million are given to hospitals for equipment and to finance over-time payments; (iv) EUR36 million are disbursed to incentivize eligible research on COVID-19 by Austrian firms; (v) EUR13 million on medical supplies.

Austria 05B 05B - Income support EUR 29,000,000,000 32,079,646,018 OECD. (accessed 15 April 2020).

(i) EUR15 billion emergency funds for hard-hit industries to provide direct liquidity provisions and subsidies for running costs; (ii) EUR4 billion funds for short-time working, self-employed and funds to finance increased costs of caretaking, etc.; (iii) EUR10 billion for payment deferrals of personal income and corporate income taxes; (iv) rent payment deferrals.

Azerbaijan 05 05 - Health and income support AZN 1,008,500,000 593,235,294
Azerbaijan 05A 05A - Health support AZN 8,500,000 5,000,000 World Health Organization (WHO).,-welcoming-who-mission (accessed 15 April 2020); IMF. (accessed 15 April 2020).

(i) March, Azerbaijan is contributing to global efforts to address COVID-19, coordinating with neighboring countries, and has pledged USD5 million to World Health Organization's strategic preparedness and response plan.

Azerbaijan 05B 05B - Income support AZN 1,000,000,000 588,235,294 Caspian News. (accessed 15 April 2020).

(i) April 6, AZN1 billion (USD588 million) for the government's subsidization of 10% of the interest for one year of existing company loans; (ii) No amount/estimate: Tax exemptions for micro-enterprises and value-added tax (VAT) exemption for some food and medicinal products, as well as the raw materials that are necessary for making such stuff; (iii) No amount/estimate: Lump-sum payments in the amount of living wage - AZN190 (USD112) to 200,000 unemployed citizens of the country. The payment is considered for two months. The social package aims to relieve the impact of the novel coronavirus on the social life of people by multiple tools, including creation of 50,000 paid public jobs, tuition support program for students from socially vulnerable families, financial support program for mortgage and credit guarantee mechanism, program to support communal fees, primarily for electricity consumption of the population, and financial support program for vital passenger transport activities.

Bangladesh 05 05 - Health and income support BDT IMF. (accesed 14 April 2020).

No amount/estimate: (i) At end-March, the Ministry of Finance issued a revised budget for FY20 that includes additional resources to fund the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, and to expand existing transfer programs that benefit the poor. Increased allocation has been made to the Open Market Sale (OMS) program to facilitate the purchase of rice at one-third of the market price, , and the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief has distributed more than 24,000 tons of food at the district level. The government also intends to increase allowances for widows and abused women, provide housing for the homeless, and develop cash transfer programs to reach the urban poor; and (ii) The National Board of Revenue has suspended duties and taxes on imports of medical supplies, including protective equipment and test kits.

Bangladesh 05A 05A - Health support BDT
Bangladesh 05B 05B - Income support BDT IMF. (accesed 14 April 2020).

The Ministry of Finance will subsidize interest payments as mentioned in Measure 2 on working capital loans by scheduled banks to businesses.

Belgium 05 05 - Health and income support EUR 10,200,000,000 11,283,185,841 IMF. (accessed 15 April 2020).

(i) EUR6.4 billion in total measures as part of the fiscal package outlined in the Stability Program to adress the crises. Key fiscal support measures include: boosting health expenditure and increasing support for those in temporary unemployment and self-employed; (ii) EUR3.8 billion (increased from EUR1.7 billion) regional governments' support to affected firms and sectors, and transfers to affected households.

Belgium 05A 05A - Health support EUR
Belgium 05B 05B - Income support EUR
Bhutan 05 05 - Health and income support BTN/INR 30,000,000,000 403,680,518
Bhutan 05A 05A - Health support BTN/INR
Bhutan 05B 05B - Income support BTN/INR 30,000,000,000 403,680,518 Official Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister of Bhutan. (accessed 13 April 2020).

April: The National Resilience Fund has been approved and established. With a fund size amounting to about BTN30 billion, the resources will support the implementation of the following activities: No amount/estimate: (i) Grant of the Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu to people who have been laid off or placed on reduced salaries to provide them immediate financial support; (ii) Interest payment relief to the borrowers facing difficulties in fulfilling their loan repayment obligations due to the current economic downturn. The relief includes deferment of loan repayment by three months and waiver on interest payment for loans from April to June 2020; (iii) The government will finance 50% of the total interest payment and the financial institutions offered to support the other 50%; (iv) fast-track the implementation of the 12th five year plan and wherever possible frontload the investments; (v) Business income tax (BIT) and corporate income tax (CIT) filing and tax payment for the income year 2019 will be deferred until June 30; (vi) Deferred payment of sales tax and customs duty on essential items (March–June).

Brunei Darussalam 05 05 - Health and income support BND IMF. (accesed 14 April 2020).

All bank fees and charges (except third party charges) that are related to trade and payments of transactions in affected sectors mentioned in Measure 3 will be waived for a period of six months.

Brunei Darussalam 05A 05A - Health support BND
Brunei Darussalam 05B 05B - Income support BND
Cambodia 05 05 - Health and income support KHR 283,904,090,909 70,000,000
Cambodia 05A 05A - Health support KHR 283,904,090,909 70,000,000 IMF. (accessed 13 April 2020).

April, Additional fiscal resources to the health sector of around USD70 million (around 0.2% of GDP) are expected.

Cambodia 05B 05B - Income support KHR IMF. (accessed 13 April 2020).

No amount/estimate: April, The government has announced a package of (i) tax concessions, (ii) expenditure support, (iii) credit support, and (iv) income support to temporarily laid-off garment workers (See Measure 9: No breakdown).

Canada 05 05 - Health and income support CAD 193,175,000,000 138,451,890,342
Canada 05A 05A - Health support CAD 3,175,000,000 2,275,577,853 IMF. (accessed 11 April 2020).

CAD3.175 billion (0.1% of GDP) support to the health system for (i) increased testing, (ii) vaccine development, (iii) medical supplies, (iv) mitigation efforts, and (v) greater support for indigenous communities.

Canada 05B 05B - Income support CAD 190,000,000,000 136,176,312,489 IMF. (accessed 11 April 2020).

(i) CAD105 billion (4.6% of GDP) direct aid to households, including (a) payments to workers without sick leave, (b) access to employment insurance, (c) an increase in existing GST tax credits, (d) child care benefits, and (e) new distinctions-based Indigenous Community Support Fund; (ii) CAD85 billion (3.7% of GDP) support to businesses through income and sales tax deferrals.

Cook Islands 05 05 - Health and income support NZD 61,000,000 36,902,601 Ministry of Finance and Economic Management. (accessed 13 April 2020).

The Government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan with a total value of NZD61 million has three objectives. The first is to stimulate demand through support to local business to ensure that the economy is able to continue to operate, even at a reduced level, during this period of extreme uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. The second is to support the livelihoods of those that are likely to be most affected by the economic fallout, including those required to self-isolate, those that lose their jobs and the elderly and infirm. The third objective is to achieve the first two objectives in a fiscally responsible manner that does not undermine the Government’s ability to undertake further fiscal intervention over the longer-term, should that prove necessary.

Cook Islands 05A 05A - Health support NZD
Cook Islands 05B 05B - Income support NZD
Denmark 05 05 - Health and income support DKK 138,460,000,000 20,497,409,326
Denmark 05A 05A - Health support DKK 150,000,000 22,205,774 OECD. (accessed 30 April 2020).

30 March, DKK150 million in subsidies provided to health research specifically related to COVID-19.

Denmark 05B 05B - Income support DKK 119,810,000,000 17,736,491,886 OECD. (accessed 30 April 2020).

(i) March 10, DKK32.5 billion liquidity effect of deferral of monthly VAT payments for large firms; March 12, (ii) No amount/estimate: Short-time Work Scheme made more flexible ; (iii) DKK10 million for upskilling of dismissed employees; (iv) DKK1.7 billion sickness benefit reimbursement available from 27 February to 1 January 2021; March 26, (v) DKK1.1 billion liquidity effect of deferral of property taxes; (vi) DKK2.5 billion frontloading of investments in e.g. energy renovation and similar initiatives in municipalities; (vii) March 26, DKK6.5 billion frontloading of payment by local governments to firms; (viii) March, DKK74 billion liquidity effect of deferral of income tax payment and labor market contributions; 1 April (ix) DKK300 million compensation scheme to event organizer companies extended; (x) April 7, DKK1.2 billion for a range of minor support schemes established to support agents and businesses with cultural activities, sports and private education [update as of 30 April].

European Central Bank 05 05 - Health and income support EUR
European Central Bank 05A 05A - Health support EUR
European Central Bank 05B 05B - Income support EUR