Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Sri Lanka 05 05 - Health and income support LKR 41,473,926,000 224,114,720
Sri Lanka 05A 05A - Health support LKR 2,845,151,000 15,374,484 (accessed 26 June 2020); SLRM. Covid-10 policy responses repository as of 2 July 2020.

(i) March 23, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has pledged USD5 million (0.01% of GDP) to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) COVID-19 Emergency Fund; (ii) No amount/estimate: Steps were taken to increase the health system capacity; the government scaled up testing services; (ii) LKR100 million from the Presidential fund was used to establish a special fund for containment, mitigation and social welfare spending, inviting local and foreign tax-free donations. The primary focus of the fund is facilitating the containment of COVID-19 including, purchasing medication, medical equipment and capacity expansion; (iii) June 30, The government has allocated up to LKR1.2 billion (0.01% of GDP) for preventive measures.

Sri Lanka 05B 05B - Income support LKR 38,628,775,000 208,740,236 CBSL. (accessed 26 June 2020); CBSL. (accessed 10 July 2020); President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. (accessed 10 July 2020); Sri Lanka, Department of Government Information. (accessed 7 August 2020); Sri Lanka, Inland Revenue Department. (accessed 28 August 2020); Sri Lanka, Department of Government Information. on 2 September 2020 (accessed 10 September 2020); (accessed 10 Septebmer 2020); (accessed 2 October 2020).

No amount/estimate: (i) March 17, Tax exemptions on the importation and supply of masks, disinfectant, machinery and equipment including medical, surgical, and dental instruments, and price ceilings on essential food item such as lentils, eggs and canned fish; (ii) March 24, The 2.4 million beneficiaries of the Samurdhi program will also receive food stamps for essential food items on a weekly basis; March 30: (iii) Two rounds of monthly cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households totaling around 0.25% of GDP was made in April and May; No amount/estimate: (iv) Payment of electricity and water utility bills (both electricity and water utility operators are state-owned entities) that are below LKR15,000 were extended until end April 2020; June 4: (v) No late payment charges will be imposed on income taxes up until 30 June 2020; (vi) June 25, Tax relief measures to SMEs in the form of wavering of income tax arrears on assessments issued up to the year of assessment 2018/19, non-issuance of additional assessments for the year 2019/20, granting grace period to settle taxes in arrears/default, extension on seizure notices, and extension of the dates for the payment of taxes and filing of tax returns; On July 3, Submission of various tax returns/statements was extended until Dec 31; (vii) June 26, Together with the credit gurantee, an interest subsidy scheme will be launched on 1 July 2020. CBSL will provide a 5% interest subsidy to cover the cost of funds of banks; (viii) July 15, Consumers were provided relief for electricity bills during the months of March to May, charging the lower February bill for these months, with a grace period of 2 months to settle the bill; the power supply disconnection normally done for late payments has also been temporarily suspended; (ix) September 2, The Cabinet approved the allocation, from the General Treasury, of essential recurrent expenditures of government media institutions for a period of 4 months from September to December; (x) September 8, The President removed the 14% income tax imposed on profits earned by gem and jewelry manufacturers and the 15% tax on gold imports to support the industry; (xi) No amount/estimate: October 1, In connection with the government's decision to support the tourism industry, tourist resorts registered under the SLTDA were given the chance to pay their accumulated electricity bills from 1 Mar 2020 to 31 Aug 2020 in 12 equal installments from 1 Sep 2020; further, power supply during this period will not be disconnected [update].

Sri Lanka 09 09 - International Assistance Provided LKR
Sri Lanka 09A 09A - Swaps LKR
Sri Lanka 09B 09B - International loans/grants LKR
Sri Lanka 11 11 - Other Economic Measures LKR IMF. (accessed 1 October 2020); News 1st. (accessed 23 May 2020); CBSL. (accessed 26 June 2020).

(i) April 23, import duties on petrol and diesel were increased to mitigate weak revenue collections, but this was reversed in late June; (ii) May 22, Sri Lanka lifts import bans except for vehicles in COVID-19 economic recovery plan.