Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Solomon Islands 05 05 - Health and income support SBD 309,000,000 37,668,469
Solomon Islands 05A 05A - Health support SBD Solomon Islands Government. (accessed 11 June 2020).

May 6, Part of the stimulus package provided by the government includes a USD10 million health grant to support health needs of the provincial health hospitals, clinics, and rural health centers (See package in Measure 5B).

Solomon Islands 05B 05B - Income support SBD 309,000,000 37,668,469 IMF. (accessed 16 Septebmer 2020); Solomon Islands Government. (accessed 12 June 2020); Solomon Islands Government. (accessed 20 August 2020).

No amount/estimate: April: (i) The government has scaled down nonessential public services and will support affected public officers with one-off travel allowance; (ii) The government has not laid off any public servants, but instead required them to take leave on half pay; (iii) The National Provident Fund has made funds available to its members that are temporarily laid off or returned home; (iv) Two state-owned enterprises (Solomon Islands Ports Authority and Solomon Islands Electricity Authority) are providing dividend payments to support the government’s COVID-19 preparedness and response plan; (v) April 8, The stimulus package is expected to include (a) utility relief from Solomon Power and Ports Authority, (b) loan and interest relief from banks and financial institutions, (c) tax relief for specific sectors, and (d) ongoing payroll support for nonessential public servants; (vi) Measures will likely include capital grants to businesses to support investment in productive and resource sectors, focusing on investments that add value to agricultural products and the fisheries, forestry and tourism sectors, including through a new Covid-19 finance product to support agricultural ventures; (vii) It will also be used to finance specific investments and products of the Development Bank of Solomon Islands; (viii) May 6, The government has adopted a COVID-19 economic stimulus package (ESP) of SBD309 million (about 2.5% of GDP), to be financed by both government and donors. The package aims to provide social assistance to vulnerable households and firms, as well as supporting economic recovery. These includes employment support for youth and women and advancing planned infrastructure investments; (ix) May 26, The Prime Minister made a statement that the stimulus package costs SBD319 million; (x) No amount/estimate: June 15, The cabinet revoked the decision on half pay for non-essential public servants that started on March 31. Any salary that was withheld will be repaid when officers are recalled to duty; (xi) No amount/estimate: June 16, The government has provided price subsidies for copra and cocoa as part of the stimulus package to encourage local farmers to produce more and benefit from the subsidy scheme.

Solomon Islands 09 09 - International Assistance Provided SBD
Solomon Islands 09A 09A - Swaps SBD
Solomon Islands 09B 09B - International loans/grants SBD
Solomon Islands 11 11 - Other Economic Measures SBD IMF. (accessed 16 September 2020); Solomon Islands Government. (accessed 12 June 2020).

i) April 26, The government issued its first covid-19 domestic development bond of SBD120 million to finance its COVID-19 economic stimulus package; (ii) May, To stimulate medium to long-term growth, the COVID-19 Bond will finance essential public services like health and education.