Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Arab Republic of Egypt 04 04 - Equity support EGP 20,000,000,000 1,272,671,633 OECD. (accessed 7 May 2020); IMF. (accessed 7 May 2020).

EGP20 billion stock-purchase program has been launched by the Central Bank.

Arab Republic of Egypt 08 08 - International Assistance Received EGP 136,394,865,466 8,679,293,805
Arab Republic of Egypt 08A 08A - Swaps EGP
Arab Republic of Egypt 08B 08B - International loans/grants EGP 136,394,865,466 8,679,293,805
Arab Republic of Egypt 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank EGP
Arab Republic of Egypt 08B2 08B2 - Other EGP 136,394,865,466 8,679,293,805 African Development Bank Group. (accessed 19 June 2020), (accessed 28 May 2020). World Bank. (accessed 21 May 2020). World Bank.,health%20outcomes%20of%20its%20citizens. (accessed 18 June 2020) (accessed 7 May 2020). IMF. (accessed 11 June 2020), (accessed 09 July 2020).

(i) April 2, USD7.9 million funds from the World Bank through activating the Contingency Emergency Response Component (CERC) under the “Transforming Egypt’s Healthcare System Project”, designated for emergency response activities related to the COVID-19 outbreak in Egypt. This measure is reflected in 5A; (ii) May 11, USD2.772 billion in emergency support from the International Monetary Fund to address the COVID-19 Pandemic; (iii) May 17, USD50 million in World Bank aid for Egypt as an emergency response under the new Fast Track COVID-19 Facility; (iv) May 27, USD0.5 million emergency assistance grant from the African Development Bank Group to Egypt to provide food relief, and to contribute to restoring the livelihood of vulnerable populations severely affected by the pandemic; (v) June 5, USD5.2 billion Stand-By Arrangement were agreed upon by Egyptian Authorities and the International Monetary Fund, aiming to alleviate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping maintain macroeconomic stability, strengthen the social safety net, and support reforms to spur private-sector-led growth and job creation. On June 26, this was approved by IMF's Executive Board; (vi) June 16, USD400 million provided by the World Bank as support for the Universal Health Insurance System, to protect the most vulnerable from high health expenses due to the pandemic; (vii) June 17, Approved a EUR225 million loan to finance Egypt’s Electricity and Green Growth Support Program (EGGSP). The funding will help meet the Government of Egypt’s financing requirements in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and support a sound electricity infrastructure base.

Argentina 04 04 - Equity support ARS
Argentina 08 08 - International Assistance Received ARS 37,650,000,000 600,000,000
Argentina 08A 08A - Swaps ARS
Argentina 08B 08B - International loans/grants ARS 37,650,000,000 600,000,000 Yale. (accessed 5 May 2020). Wall Street Journal. (accessed 29 May 2020).

(i) May 3, instead of defaulting to its creditors, the government proposed a three-year grace period on sovereign debt, a 5.5% reduction in bond principal, and a 62% reduction in interest payments; (ii) May 22, Argentina went into technical default when the 30-day grace period expired on $500 million interest due on $65 billion owed to private creditors.

Argentina 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank ARS
Argentina 08B2 08B2 - Other ARS 37,650,000,000 600,000,000 World Bank. (Accesed 27 April 2020). USAID. (accessed 29 May 2020).

(i) World Bank Group approved a USD300 million operation to support Argentina’s efforts to strengthen its social protection system and minimize the impact of the crisis on the most vulnerable families through the "Children and Youth Protection Project”; (ii) USD300 million from USAID in new MRA humanitarian assistance will support COVID-19 response efforts for refugees and host communities.

Brazil 04 04 - Equity support BRL
Brazil 08 08 - International Assistance Received BRL 312,574,795,818 64,010,000,000
Brazil 08A 08A - Swaps BRL 292,993,090,909 60,000,000,000 IMF. (accessed 29 April 2020)

The Fed has arranged to provide up to USD60 billion to the central bank through a swap facility that will remain in place for the next six months; as of July 9, BCB has not borrowed from the Federal Reserve's swap facility

Brazil 08B 08B - International loans/grants BRL 19,581,704,909 4,010,000,000
Brazil 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank BRL
Brazil 08B2 08B2 - Other BRL 19,581,704,909 4,010,000,000 Ministry of Economy (accessed June 8)

(i) May 29, USD4.01 billion in loans from the French Development Agency (AFD), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), World Bank, Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), German Development Bank (KfW), and New Development Bank (NDB) for emergency income support programs; these expenses have already been incurred by the Brazilian government.

Islamic Republic of Iran 04 04 - Equity support IRR
Islamic Republic of Iran 08 08 - International Assistance Received IRR 2,100,000,000,000 50,000,000
Islamic Republic of Iran 08A 08A - Swaps IRR
Islamic Republic of Iran 08B 08B - International loans/grants IRR 2,100,000,000,000 50,000,000
Islamic Republic of Iran 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank IRR
Islamic Republic of Iran 08B2 08B2 - Other IRR 2,100,000,000,000 50,000,000 IMF. (accessed 12 June 2020).

May 31, USD50 million from the World Bank for Iran COVID-19 Emergency Response Project.

Mexico 04 04 - Equity support MXN
Mexico 08 08 - International Assistance Received MXN 1,330,140,000,000 60,546,224,225
Mexico 08A 08A - Swaps MXN 1,318,140,000,000 60,000,000,000 Federal Reserve Bank of New York. (accessed 26 June 2020).

Provide USD liquidity (via auctions) to banks by drawing on the USD60 billion swap line with the Fed. As of June 25, the total outstanding amount was USD6.59 billion, which is also the peak value first reached on April 8. [update]

Mexico 08B 08B - International loans/grants MXN 12,000,000,000 546,224,225
Mexico 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank MXN
Mexico 08B2 08B2 - Other MXN 12,000,000,000 546,224,225 FT. (accessed 30 April 2020).

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-funded MXN12 billion loan scheme for small and midsized firms.

Nigeria 04 04 - Equity support NGN
Nigeria 08 08 - International Assistance Received NGN 1,232,719,887,500 3,779,900,000
Nigeria 08A 08A - Swaps NGN
Nigeria 08B 08B - International loans/grants NGN 1,232,719,887,500 3,779,900,000
Nigeria 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank NGN
Nigeria 08B2 08B2 - Other NGN 1,232,719,887,500 3,779,900,000 IMF. (accessed 4 May 2020). USAID. (accessed 1 June 2020) AfDB. (accessed 11 June 2020). World Bank. (accessed 26 June 2020)

(i) USD50 million grant from the European Union; (ii) USD3.4 billion (100% of quota) approved under the IMF's Rapid Financing Instrument; (iii) Pending requests of USD2.5 billion from the World Bank and USD1 billion from the African Development Bank; (iv) As of May 26, USD41.4 million in assistance, which includes more than USD3.3 million for health assistance and USD34 million in IDA humanitarian funding for risk-communications, water and sanitation, infection-prevention, and coordination; and nearly USD4.1 million in MRA humanitarian assistance for vulnerable people; (v) June 5, USD288.5 million loan from the African Development Bank to help Nigeria tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate its impact on people and businesses.

Russian Federation 04 04 - Equity support RUB
Russian Federation 08 08 - International Assistance Received RUB
Russian Federation 08A 08A - Swaps RUB
Russian Federation 08B 08B - International loans/grants RUB
Russian Federation 08B1 08B1 - Asian Development Bank RUB
Russian Federation 08B2 08B2 - Other RUB