Economy Measure Code Measure Currency Code Amount (Local) Amount (USD) Source Details
Afghanistan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending AFN
Afghanistan 03A 03A - Long-term lending AFN
Afghanistan 03B 03B - Forbearance AFN
Armenia 03 03 - Direct long-term lending AMD
Armenia 03A 03A - Long-term lending AMD UNESCAP. (accessed 5 December 2020)

No amount/estimate: 27 March 2020, Preferential loans to SMEs in sectors including manufacturing, transportation and storage economy, tourism, other service sectors, and healthcare. The loans will be interest-free for the first 2 years and 12% for the third year.

Armenia 03B 03B - Forbearance AMD
Azerbaijan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending AZN
Azerbaijan 03A 03A - Long-term lending AZN
Azerbaijan 03B 03B - Forbearance AZN IMF. (accessed 24 July 2020). CBA. (accessed 4 January 2021).

No amount/estimate: (i) 23 April 2020, The CBA announced a moratorium on late fees and interest rate penalties; (ii) 30 December 2020, Credit organizations were advised not to accrue additional penalty interest, penalties, and other penalties until 1 April 2021, as well as to submit negative information on borrowers to the credit bureau with a special note.

Georgia 03 03 - Direct long-term lending GEL
Georgia 03A 03A - Long-term lending GEL
Georgia 03B 03B - Forbearance GEL IMF. (accessed 24 June 2020).

No amount/estimate: Bank loan service holidays for individuals was prolonged for 3 more months for those borrowers who asked for extension, now until 1 November 2020.

Kazakhstan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending KZT 360,000,000,000 873,256,519
Kazakhstan 03A 03A - Long-term lending KZT
Kazakhstan 03B 03B - Forbearance KZT 360,000,000,000 873,256,519 IMF. (accessed 13 April 2020).

(i) No amount/estimate: No amount/estimate: The NBK and financial institutions have agreed to allow borrowers to defer debt repayments until mid-June at the latest, as well as refrain from charging penalties for borrowers affected by the emergency; (ii) 27 April 2020, More than 1.6 million citizens and 11,000 SMEs received deferral on loan payments in the amount of KZT360 billion.

Kyrgyz Republic 03 03 - Direct long-term lending KGS 3,994,000,000 53,534,821
Kyrgyz Republic 03A 03A - Long-term lending KGS 3,994,000,000 53,534,821 Kabar. (accessed 17 May 2020); Ministry of Finance. (accessed 28 June 2020).

(i) 10 May 2020, As part of the Kyrgyz Government’s anti-crisis plan, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic will allocate: (a) KGS750 million to support small- and medium-sized businesses via Keremet Bank, (b) KGS1.5 billion for financing agriculture, and (c) KGS1 billion for microcredit companies; (ii) 22 June 2020, The Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the Mayor's Office of Bishkek in accordance with the Budget Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, decided to allocate an interest-free budget loan to the city of Bishkek in the amount of KGS744 million to pay salaries and leave of the teachers working in educational institutions of the city of Bishkek.

Kyrgyz Republic 03B 03B - Forbearance KGS
Pakistan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending PKR 885,473,000,000 5,336,338,166
Pakistan 03A 03A - Long-term lending PKR
Pakistan 03B 03B - Forbearance PKR 885,473,000,000 5,336,338,166 State Bank of Pakistan. (accesssed 24 April 2020); State Bank of Pakistan. (accessed 9 July 2020); State Bank of Pakistan (accessed 11 August 2020); State Bank of Pakistan. (accessed 20 August 2020); State Bank of Pakistan. (accessed 22 January 2021).

(i) 20 April 2020, Borrowers from corporate, consumer, agriculture, SMEs, and microfinance sectors can avail deferment of principal amount for one year while continue servicing mark up. 7 July 2020, the State Bank of Pakistan extends the availability of deferment of principal amount of loans facility until September 2020. This applies to Small & Medium Enterprise Financing, Consumer Financing, Housing Finance, Agriculture Finance and Micro financing only. The facility is not being extended to corporates and commercial borrowers since a significant amount of their loans and advances has already been deferred. 10 August 2020, the SBP relief package for microfinance banks, which included deferment of principal and restructuring of microfinance loans to deal with the adverse implications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have been expanded with additional measures. First, the relief measures that were earlier available from 15 February 2020 have now been allowed to borrowers who were regular on 31 December 2019. Second, to facilitate microfinance banks (MFBs) during these testing times, the provisioning requirements have been extended by 2 months; and third, client’s consent through recorded lines has been allowed to facilitate the customers to avail the relief package. As of 29 January 2021, PKR228.312 billion was the amount approved for restructuring/rescheduling, while PKR657.161 billion was the amount of principal approved for deferment up to one year [update]; (ii) No amount/estimate: SBP extends time for settlement of foreign currency loans amid COVID-19 pandemic. Banks can now allow extension up to 180 days to exporters in settlement of their FE-25 loans in case they are facing delay in realization of export proceeds due to COVID-19.

Tajikistan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending TJS
Tajikistan 03A 03A - Long-term lending TJS IMF. (accessed 1 October 2020).

No amount/estimate: June 2020, Government plans to disburse preferential loans to food and medical supply producing companies through the Fund for State Support to Entrepreneurship.

Tajikistan 03B 03B - Forbearance TJS IMF. (accessed 1 October 2020).

No amount/estimate: June 2020, The NBT recommended the banks to consider restructuring (i.e., extending maturity) loans that face temporary hardship.

Turkmenistan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending TMT
Turkmenistan 03A 03A - Long-term lending TMT
Turkmenistan 03B 03B - Forbearance TMT
Uzbekistan 03 03 - Direct long-term lending UZS
Uzbekistan 03A 03A - Long-term lending UZS UNESCAP. (accessed 6 December 2020)

17 June 2020, USD100 million in long-term loans to the service sector to create more jobs and hasten economic recovery.

Uzbekistan 03B 03B - Forbearance UZS IMF. (accessed 8 May 2020).

No amount/estimate: (i) The Central Bank is granting a grace period and extending debt repayment periods until 1 October 2020 for adversely affected borrowers, with no penalties; (ii) State-owned banks are extending maturities of loan repayments for the affected sectors, including for the national air carrier.