Policy Database

This database provides information on the key economic measures that authorities are taking to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Measures are classified according to how they work their way through the financial system, and how they affect the financial positions of different sectors of society. The database also tracks non-economic measures.

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Project Team: Jesus Felipe (Lead), Asian Development Bank; Scott Fullwiler, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Gemma Estrada, Asian Development Bank; Maria Susan Torres, Asian Development Bank; Mary Ann Magadia, Asian Development Bank; Donna Faye Bajaro, Asian Development Bank; Maria Hanna Jaber, Asian Development Bank; Remrick Patagan, Asian Development Bank; Marie Ann Cagas, Asian Development Bank; Al-Habbyel Yusoph, University of the Philippines; Simon Alec Askin, University of the Philippines; Martin Alexander Cruz, University of the Philippines; Juan Delgado, Global Economics Group; Héctor Otero, Global Economics Group; and Violeta Rodriguez, Global Economics Group.

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$28.0 trillion

(as of February 22, 2021)

The total amount announced by ADB’s members to combat the COVID-19 pandemic


$3.693 trillion

ADB's Developing Members

Top 10

$2.329 trillion People’s Republic of China
$0.412 trillion India
$0.259 trillion Republic of Korea
$0.195 trillion Hong Kong, China
$0.115 trillion Indonesia
$0.101 trillion Singapore
$0.092 trillion Malaysia
$0.084 trillion Thailand
$0.048 trillion Taipei,China
$0.038 trillion Philippines

$17.941 trillion

ADB's Other Members

Top 10

$8.142 trillion United States
$3.578 trillion Japan
$2.150 trillion Germany
$0.862 trillion Canada
$0.858 trillion United Kingdom
$0.784 trillion France
$0.746 trillion Italy
$0.383 trillion Australia
$0.290 trillion Spain
$0.216 trillion Switzerland

$5.571 trillion

European Central Bank

$0.779 trillion

European Union


Note: Aggregated amounts exclude Measure 9.